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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  March 6, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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time now for the ridiulist. in california three people stole a yacht. they took the thing and ran the thing aground. the local manager said he has never heard of this happening before. >> he have had the boat out a number of times. i have never heard of a boat being ripped off. >> the alleged thieves really enjoyed themselves. here is the ktuv reporter with the details. >> investigators found the inside liters with beer cans and pizza boxes. >> it did not last long. the three were arrested which is a first for local witnesses. >> that is the first one where i
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have seen where i can get the perpetrators off. squ . >> welcome to your fantasy. we have to get off this boat. is this your boat. i can't even say the word yacht without thinking of the magical stylings of jobe. >> now. there ain't -- ♪
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>> all right. so how did you do it? michael? i never reveal it. i sunk the yacht. at least i think i sunk it. i blew it up and i don't see it anywhere. >> nana was on that yacht. you killed nana. >> if it is not your yacht don't make it disappear. that does it for us. thank you for watching, piers morgan tonight starts now. >> tonight, wild animals attack a woman is dead in the lion catch. jack hanna tells me how it can happen and what we need to know. our interview with a confidential informant. what about stronger gun laws. it won't help. why? >> and newt gingrich a word a
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couldn't possibly repeat. and this is the authorized biography. and the king and his court. to hugo chavez joins me to talk about his surprising connections. you are looking live at the senate floor. we'll get to that in a few moments. and i sit down with the one and only don king. to have a personal connection to hugo chavez. we begin with breaking news on that deadly lion attack in california. the lion was shot and killed.
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he had been raised there for eight weeks. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to our friend and family at this trying time. >> i want to bring in a man who knows more than anybody else. first, a woman who worked with the santuary where the man lived. here is genny michaels. genny. you had personal knowledge of both the sanctuary and the lion who has sadly been put down. tell me about your experience.
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was there anything that made you feel there was a problem down the line? i didn't see any type of adepreaggres aggressive behavior. >> we are looking at a shot of you with him. when you were walking around with him yourself were there issues about security or the level of training for the staff there? >> absolutely. it was really well run, very professional, i can tell you that it is a wonderful beautiful place. where you know anyone can go and learn awesome things about all of these wonderful cats. >> i'm going to listen here to
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the footage. this is you interacting with the lion that killed this young intern today. >> we are going over to the african lions. >> this is cousy and he is a barbary lion. he is 2 to 3 in november. his mane takes four year to come in. he is about 500 pounds. the north africans were killed off in the wild in the 1920s. all of the ones that you see are in captivity. >> how much food does he eat? >> always red meat and chicken. do you have a lion by the tail? >> just today. >> i believe he was 350 pounds. obviously that was a happy video footage there of a perfectly normal lion in a normal habitat. in terms of the intern who has
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died here. would you have expected somebody to be inside the cage? >> i don't know the circumstances but i can tell you that my interaction over at project survival they have been professional and you know they have run their protocol strictly. it looked like we were having a lot of fun however, during that shoot, there were many people outside of the cage. if you can see in the video, the door was open and i was very close in proximity of that along with another area that i would have been protected. so there were a lot of protocol and things that weere going on behind the scenes even though it looks like a fun video. >> let me bring in jack hannah. a terrible tragedy today.
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for the poor woman that lost her life. i did a bit of research about the number of animals that were killed in the us since 2007. there have been nine people killed. bears, tigers and elephants and only one lion today. the first lion death in at least six years. were you shocked when you heard this? what do you think may have happened here? is i heard this place is a nice place. was there someone else with her when this happened? no one would go in with a full grown lion by himself. i had to pick up a boy that had
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lost his arm. i know what these animals can do. so this is a wild animal. the question. >> >>: an would an intern be in there by herself? >> the lion was shot and killed per our safety protocols. no real detail there. tell me about lions in captivity generally, jack. would they be aggressive if they
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felt someone was including in their space? >> end of story, they are wild animals. and we have great sanctuaries. we need sanctuaries and all of that type of thing. a lion is called a king of beasts. this is a male lion. in this situation again, i try to read everything i can read about this. what i need to know is, we go back to why it was there. it is a powerful animal. they can take down a buffalo in 15 seconds. you are dealing with something here that is dangerous. these animals let's say a grenade or something. we may have heard something. you never know what could happen.
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in our part of the zoo. once we have the animals, we might raise them from three to six months and we had baby tigers next year. so it is something we don't do that. do i use a cheetah for some of my shows. yes, i do. we have two people with it. with two different types of dollars. it is a wild cat but also a cat that is not a very powerful cat. >> when you brought the cheetah onto my set. it was extremely powerful. i was shocked that you would be up to a cat that size. i could sense real power and that wasn't a lion. let me ask you this. what it will do as these incidents will tend to do, will raise the debate again should
6:12 pm
ever be in captivity in this way. clearly it is an ongoing debate. what is your answer to people. >> the point is, they are there. in 99.9% they come from parks not the wild. and what we have done there, is $42 million by the zoos in this country. $42 million were sent to animals in the wild life. what we learn is very important. the parks today. most animals we continue to debate this. we are going to continue to have our lions and educate the public. we are going to continue to say this is the kith of beang of be.
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lig we have lost over 60% of the lion population in africa. that is why we have the parks today that teach us more about the lion and what we can do to help save the lion. a sad day all around. for the poor woman. for the lion and everyone involved. >> right, the whole thing is sad. the family, the woman,ed gentleman that owns that sanctuary. this is not something, yes, we have these things happen. yes, there are people that might be in a nascar race. but the analogy is simple. we will continue our work and the parks. and a final word from you genny?
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>> you know, my thoughts and prayiers go out to the family o this young woman. a place like project survival is important. it is important to go there and see these animals. when you get that experience you want to make a difference. support these types of places. thank you both for joining me. >> thank you. coming up next, roger, uncensored. what he is say iing and the fil bus testify still going on in it's 9th hour. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent
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thank you mr. president. i come to the floor of the senate to try to get information. all we are asked to do is give advice and consent. senator ron paul leading that charge and he has been talking non-stop on the senate floor. he was there a few seconds ago until he can no longer speak. and welcome to you both. it is a fascinating thing that is going down. you don't have to do this anymore. he says that is wrong.
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>> it is an interesting moment. there has been an institution in congress that the military way overstretches their bounds in terms of was they can do. this is where they have arrived on the national stage. and cnn is covering it wall to wall. i feel like i'm totally on ron paul's side tore what he is doing. i think what he is doing here is the thing about the debate itself. i can't decide i agree with him completely with transparenty. but on the issue of whether the government should be able to use the drone is muddier.
6:20 pm
the police, the military are able to use that debate if they wish to. what is the difference really other than drones sound sacarie about the ability to use a drone. the government has the power to kill us under certain circumstances. the questions he is asking is the case of an al qaeda sympathizer where the government says they have the right to take out in pakistan. i think that is one of the
6:21 pm
questions he is trying to get some clarity. >> if it is okay to assassinate americans ip pakistan. what is the difference? >> i think what the shocking moment, if there was an american citizen sitting at a cafe could they get a drone to sit at a cafe? >> i don't think that would be appropriate.
6:22 pm
>> i don't care what your politics are. paul has interesting views that i don't agree with. what he is doing is should be admired he's making arguments for going on a8 hours now. this is the way a filibuster should work? let's move quickly to this. books powering out of this. >> which is written by the biography off camera.
6:23 pm
he calls newt gingrich a prick. this is the stuff of tabloid lurid headlines for about a week. which i'm sure you don't care about. is he worth these and what do you think his legacy will be. he has had incredible influence on the news media? >> this is the legacy part of his life. most of the anecdotes were about
6:24 pm
besides the quote that you quoted, they were about him with his children and not living to see his kids grow up. to me, this is roger trying to get out later in the year. and you know, there is probably room for both of these books. he's a fascinating character. he's a fantastic producer, he has produced a krcranking netwo. if you don't like it you don't have to watch fox. he's probably one of the handful of the republicans in the country. if you watch fox news that is the face of conservatism.
6:25 pm
it is history. they both complain that they lost the republican primaries. th that. >> this is his quote. >> he has a good heart. >> thank you both very much. when we come back. inside a legal gun trafficking. tougher laws won't stop the sale of illegal guns. yo, give it up, dude!
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now to an exclusive inside the illegal gun trade. he became a confidential informant. poppy, tomorrow the judiciary committee is set to vote on the revised version of stopping illegal firearms. you have met two people one on
6:31 pm
the trafficking side. and now the other guy from the atf. tell me about the informant. we wanted to hear first hand from someone who is involved in the gun trade who has been a middle fan. we found that man. you will hear from a man in a moment. we concealed his voice and image. he is on the street right now doing this. i talked to him about how it happens. i started with the day that he got caught.
6:32 pm
did you ever kill anyone? right now, the people that are in your circle, are they illegally trafficking guns? >> how do they do it? in a motor home, an elderly husband and wife hide guns in the motor home and drive them up from florida to new york. what is an average load? how much would they make?
6:33 pm
>> so they call the guns fire crackers. so what if your friends ask them to get guns. what should they be.
6:34 pm
>> what about stronger gun laws. >> it won't help why? >> he told me that the most he's made off of a tip is $5,000. he tells me he has never given them a tip. we talked about the iron pipeline. the price is highest right here sitting in new york. this is where i find it so frustrating trying to grasp how the gun laws work. you can have some states which
6:35 pm
have gun laws and the states next to them have tough ones. and old people can carry a van and pring them over. they have to apply everywhere so it is illegal to do this kind of thing. >> it is about state rights and so the body in charge on a federal level is atf. we sat down to talk to them and they don't deny that. i want you to listen to our atf. >> how easy is it for a criminal to get a gun. >> any means oftransportation. have you ever ridden a bus? >> have you never been searched getting on a bus?
6:36 pm
>> so how is that legal. are you fight that go? is that something that you would like to see become illegal? >> you can't tell me what laws you think this country needs to make the streets safer? >> what is interesting to me is this is the agency that is mandated with you know, getting illegal guns off the streets. and yet you guys can't comment on what you think you need. i agree. i agree.
6:37 pm
i think the american public knows what we need. i think that the numbers are out there. the amount of agents that we have. we don't have many agents. we have over 2,000 special agents that cover the country. the informant told me the guys running the guns aren't afraid of you guys. why is that? we are so few and far between out there. they roll the dice. >> so i tried to nail down with him what he needs. it appears that they don't want to get in front of the white house.
6:38 pm
>> he said life sentences. tomorrow congress will start debating a trafficking law. so we will possibly see a big change to that. we could see 25 years for trafficking that is was we could see. we went to to toe a fee weeks ago and now he has come back for round two. apply to the underarm. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer.
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be bowl, be courageous and please support background checks. thank you very much. >> ben ferguson believes anything that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> i want to start with a story.
6:43 pm
city soucouncillers have requira mandate for the head of every household to have a firearm. >> i think that if someone kicks in your back door you better have more than 911 to protect your family. >> you wouldn't agree with mandating this? >> if you don't want to have a gun, i don't want you to have a gun. >> doesn't want to go practice with it and thinks it is an object to have at the table and kill somebody. >> we have started well. >> we can go down hill from here though. >> let's talk about background checks. >> he talked to vice president biden. do you support unneiversal
6:44 pm
background checks. >> i think it is a waste of time if it is a single shot 22 rifle. >> they are not allowed to own a gun by the laws that are not in place right now. >> they don't obey the law. it doesn't mean you should n't tray and make it as difficult as possible for crim malesmales.
6:45 pm
>> i want there to be laws that go after the people that commit the crimes with the guns and go after the people that run those guns. that is the core problem that we have here flt lo. look at the numbers. 1% got denied. people are shocked by that. law-abiding scitizens are the ones that want a background check. the last thing you want to do is go get a gun. >> but i agree with that. 80,000 did lion their background checks. we are reaching some points of consensus here. here is the stibcking point whee i come from here. the assault weapons ban.
6:46 pm
at the moment politicians were telling me, that is not going to happen. why are you so keen to maintain the avaltabiliilability of what see of a military style weapon. >> i know what a bad guy looks like with a gun. and it doesn't matter which gun he has at this point. these are the ones. they go we want to ban that gun. their gun. this is my point. the guns that were used against me. they weren't on their special list. so what happens to those crimes. if you have a law this is my main core >> how many guns are banned as
6:47 pm
it is. it depends on whether you have a pistol grip. there are over 50 types of gun control. you look at columbine. 22 gun laws specifically. more than 100 laws were broken. if you add another one on there. is it going to fix the problem, no? >> i think if you are not prosecuting the guys, that is where i look at it and say, when they were dealing with mental health in washington, d.c. today. there is a huge loop hole, it is not the loop hole to buy gunning on the market. it is the loop hole of the mentally in sane people, now
6:48 pm
would that law fix it? probably not. i would rather have laws that have an impact right at this moment in time. >> we agree about a must been a things. >> you are coming around. >> i haven't changed at all. >> i would like to see that reduced. but i think that this kind of debate is constructive. it worries me that i hear that vice president biden thinks we might not get background checks. >> if diane feinsteein would stop being so extreme which is not having the prosecution. you shoot somebody today and miss you spend 4.3 years and that is if you are a second time offender for assault in a deadly weapon. you tell me if that is a threat
6:49 pm
to someone. you get rewarded for being a bad shot. >> you are beginning to make some sense. i'm going to have to cut the interview off. that wasn't the game plan whatsoever. coming up don king. coming up next. p to you. chevy cruze's six-speed transmission allows for lower shift points, offering an e.p.a.-estimated 36 mpg highway. okay, then. [ laughs ] what a test-drive. yeah. it's really more of a road trip at this point. yeah. [ male announcer ] chevy. mpg ingenuity. now get this great sign & drive lease on a 2013 chevy cruze ls for around $199 a month. hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat.
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my brother. >> yes, my brother. >> my brother. >> i'm going the talk to president bush and i'm going to make certain he -- with you so that we can straighten out a lot of things. >> surprising video of the week, perhaps. don king with hugo chavez in 2004. a bodyguard for don king and became good friends and the boxing promoter joins me. welcome to you. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the relationship with two evil dictator. hugo chavez and roger ayers. >> i love them both. so but hugo chavez, he's a great man because he helped the poor, the underprivileged, the
6:54 pm
downtrodden and denied and the people in venezuela, the great people of venezuela love him. the poor people, they love him. he's one of the masters and he can deal with the classes but he was a guy that was tried tested representative of the people and loved the people he represented. >> how did you feel about him attacking the president, the united states and the way he did? >> i didn't think that was a good thing to do because i love george walker bush as you have seen in the tape but the thing is, you know, i gave that tape to the aides of george walker bush when he was trying to appeal to him to let him know he wanted to be friends with america. this is a guy that comes right off the street. he was an army lieutenant and works his way up acli mags to be president of the country. goes to jail. comes back out of jail and re-ele re-elected. he's helping the people. he took doctors to the hills to the chariot. not bringing the poor to the clinic. he took the clinic to them and he continued to rule and work
6:55 pm
with this type of a thing so it's going to be a great loss to venezuela, to the world. he's a wonderful guy. everybody get to you know the stereotype images. they play a great part in tall of this thing and that's what's happening and i hear on your show and you'll hear and let you know what it is. it's that image. he talked to the pope. he seen the different leaders of the world and talk about the ones that were doing wrong. that he was supplying drugs. he was trafficking with the terrorists. everything else. but when he's with the good guys, they don't say nothing and go with the stereotype image because of sensationalism. >> let's turn to the other dictat dictator, roger ayers. what about the affect of american politics and society? >> roger ales is a genius. he knows how to manipulate the public. knows how to work and beat out cnn for four or five months with
6:56 pm
the ratings and things of the news but he's a victim of the same thing of everyone else is the color barrier. if you've been embedded and talk with the companies game of black is bad and anyone nonwhite is white and goes in there and the stereotype image of blacks in america, lazy. >> he called the president barack obama, never done a day's work in his life and lazy. >> it's offensive and normal. ain't no shock to me. this is something that -- you talk to many of the whites, they're the victim of the same thing. exploitation. you know? nitchey. me against you and you against me and work them both. the guy with the working. when you're working, france bernard, say the same thing. we have to knock that color barrier out because the color barrier says you're lazy, lethargic, lying, cheat, steal, shiftless, no account. this is what colin powell was
6:57 pm
saying when he went out on the news before the election. and he said the same thing. when's the next word after shiftless? workless and no account. all these deeply embedded propaganda things which i applaud them good for being at what they're doing but you have to move on. can't rule from the grave. >> you speak so much sense sometimes. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> i wish we had more time, actually. come back for a longer interview. >> we have to do this. >> amazing, fascinating life. you're 81. you look about 60. i want your secret of eternal youth next time and a boxing fight of the barclay center in brooklyn and airs on hbo. bernard hop kens facing the undefeated ibf champion 31-year-old thunder cloud. if bernard hopkins wins he becomes the oldest champion in boxi boxing history. >> if the bull frog has winged
6:58 pm
he wouldn't bump his behind every time he hop so you have to understand that. you know what i mean? we have a show -- we want you to come as my guest. you be the guest of me and ken hershalman. >> i'm the same age as bernard hopkins. i should be on the other card. >> we'll take you in the ring and right there and be a part of us. bernard hopkins is a great athlete. >> very quickly, don. can he win? >> i he can but he won't. slim and none and slim is out of town. >> come back soon. best of luck with the fight. >> whichever you wave. >> don king, certainly disappoint. >> panama and russia. one korea. you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change,
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